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Anna Hope

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Hi there, welcome! 

Anna Hope

Is your dating life a mess? Is there trouble in paradise? Love relationships are tough when you don't know how to handle what is thrown your way. I get it and I know it all too well. Its one of the reasons this blog was started. Someone needs to scream at the white elephant in the room. As women,       we are experts at hiding our emotions and denying the problems we                face in our dating lives, marriage and pretty much everything else. 


             Keeping it together, while balancing other areas of your life is                     hard, but you do not have to walk this journey alone. 

Are you tired of being hurt, manipulated and simply the last to see trouble before it arrives at your doorstep?

Are you simply going through the stages of life on autopilot with no clear direction?

Do you want valuable content about known pitfalls and how to avoid them?

Do you want to learn and share ideas on how to live your best life?

This is the place for you. Fassy Girl Blog is where you will find content that speaks to the everyday issues faced by women in dating, love, relationships and life in general. The struggles of being with partners who just don't get it, to being superwoman carrying everyone's burdens including your own, to lifestyle tips and tricks; its all here. Join our community and receive invaluable tools and techniques to get you on track to living your best life.

Don't waste another minute. Go ahead and                     so you don't miss out! 

Dating Sucks - Fassy Girl Blog
Dating Sucks - Fassy Girl Blog
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As if being a woman is not hard enough, we have to bear the many labels people place on us and the pressure to meet the expectations of others. We bear the burden of being labeled but we can choose to drop the load and be free.

Are you in a relationSHIP that is sailing towards an iceberg? Do you want to crack the code on what your partner truly thinks about the annoying stuff you do? Well here's a chance to laugh at your pain.

Check out the growing Can Read Series where you will enjoy ebooks with scenarios about some common and not so common relationship problems and how to solve them. The stories consist of candid humor with cool illustrations and are told in 'first person POV' so you get to walk in the shoes and mind of the other person.

My Girlfriend Can Read Ebook Fassy Girl Blog
Dating Sucks - Fassy Girl Blog
Dating Sucks - Fassy Girl Blog
Dating Sucks - Fassy Girl Blog
Dating and Lifestyle Fassy Girl Blog
Fassy Girl Blog


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Its not easy being consistent with life's busy schedule, but that is about to change! Look out for fresh new content every week with the usual high quality standard you have come to expect. 

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Dating and Lifestyle Fassy Girl Blog
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