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Hi I'm Anna Hope, your dating coach and mentor. I'm not your typical coach with a paper trail of certifications in love and relationships. I am someone who has had her share of heartbreaks and have also left a trail of broken hearts. The lessons learned were painful but proved to be invaluable. Love relationships can be such a beautiful thing when done right. I am here to teach you the power plays in dating as a high value woman. You deserve true happiness. Many may see your tough exterior but only another woman that has been there, knows how it feels to be winning in most areas of your life but live a lonely miserable life when the suit comes off. It took me some time to get to a place where I felt fulfilled in most areas of my life. Things are not perfect but I am a far way from where I began. I have been in that place where I wondered if I would ever be truly happy. I have also loved and lost dearly and that kind of pain can set you back for years causing you to fear giving your heart to someone else.


As a strong independent woman I love being in control of my life but there is a way to exercise that control without compromising your chances at a loving relationship. Don't be fooled, looks do matter but not in the way you might be thinking. I will share the strategies that have worked for me over the years. I will also share the mistakes that cause you to attract the wrong type of man.


 My meticulous nature has served me well in capturing best practices in dating and love relationships from my own experience and others. I am process oriented and while I have learned many lessons in the trenches of dating, I have also realized and honed what truly works in dating and love relationships, especially for strong minded independent women.


I am here to shift your mindset from looking only at the traditional ways of dating and love. There are some tried and proven methods most women are unaware of or maybe just scared to implement. As a boss lady you may find yourself towing the line of strength and softness when dealing with men in your life. Your feminine energy can be a curse or a blessing based on how you use it. Instinctively you feel like you know what to do, but you continue to fail. This is a fundamental problem I have seen that plagues women of power and you don't have to be a CEO to face this challenge. 

A boss lady will dominate her job or business but be with a subpar man for the sake of not being alone.


I saw it over and over where strong beautiful women were reduced in the love department by being with a man that does not meet the criteria of what she wants. She continued to settle and if she left, she found another man that didn't fit the bill and for what? 

I am not the head of a Fortune 500 company but I am a boss lady in my own right and I can honestly say, there is a common personality trait in boss ladies that works well in board rooms and the daily grind of her business but can create a Sahara desert in her love life. This trait makes it harder as some men just can't get pass his woman being a boss and its even worse when she's light years ahead of him with her finances.

I want us as women to recognize that our outlook directly affects the way we arrive at solutions to a problem. It will however take more than an outlook to find and secure the right man. I am here to help you with that. 

I started this  platform as a way of providing an outlet where I could share my views and experience on issues that affect us as strong independent women. I was at a low point and felt like my life was a piece of driftwood at sea. I felt I lacked direction towards my goals and started on a 'self help' journey which evolved to my focusing on content that could help women facing challenges with dating and love relationships. I enjoy helping women solve their relationship problems. Somehow they always trust my advice and I have found that those who listen become successful. I live by the principles I teach and I am known to be a no nonsense person when it comes to men.  I decided to build a platform where I could help women experience true love in their lives and not feel like they have to choose between a career or love. I was fired up with passion to package and share practical solutions to the many problems faced by strong independent women looking for love.

I realized that what I am doing is bigger than myself. There are many women out there suffering in silence as they are starved of workable solutions to their dating problems despite the wealth of information that is available online. There is a missing link to much of it and here you will find the resources to help fill those gaps. 


Making a difference in one life, is like dropping a stone in the middle of a pond and watching the ripples take effect on a wider scale. 

It is a highly rewarding feeling to see a woman reap the benefits of putting in the work to save herself from endless pain or even save a relationship or marriage using my advice. I see problems as opportunities and I am methodical in my approach to solve them. 

All the advice in the world means nothing if we do not act. Don't spend another day in the trenches. Get up, dust yourself off and let's kick start your journey towards loving and meaningful relationships. 

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