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10 Benefits of Being a Work Wife

Surprisingly the internet is littered with information on the pros and cons of being a work spouse. Honestly if you think about it, the practice is kind of a gray area that can easily go dark if handled the wrong way, BUT life as a work wife can be amazing, when done right of course.

Deep down no man or woman wants to know their partner is enjoying the perks of being a work spouse, but you best believe me when I say, such a situation might be just what you need for a balanced life. It might even be best to tell your partner who that person is. Tread with caution on that last bit though. You should know the type of person you are with and what they are able to handle.

Happy wife, happy life right?

I love the way the Urban Dictionary defines 'Work Wife'. It says "A work wife is a substitute for your wife while you are at work, providing companionship and support, but without the emotional and sexual elements."

Yes, so while we can all agree that the sexual element should be a no no; being a work wife without the emotional elements is kind of a snooze. That's actually the fun part. Its like riding an emotional roller coaster but in a good way. Yes there are some down moments but you're pretty much happy most of the time. If you have the right "work husband", they will ensure that the delicate balance between personal and work life is maintained.

So what are the perks of being a work wife?