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Being Single is OKAY

Yes, being single is actually OK.

Why rush into relationship after relationship just to say you're taken? Do you think being hitched raises your social value? Many of the viewpoints around being single are perception and not reality.

There is a common view that being single is a bad thing, when it is actually not. The problem is most single women don't know how to maximize being single.

The stages between one failed relationship and another can provide great opportunities if played right. Being single allows you some well needed prep time before you take on a new relationship.

Singledom has its perks. In case you forgot, being single means:

No climbing mountains to meet demands and unrealistic expectations.

No need for approval seeking behaviour.

No relationship drama to deal with.

No stupid fights and breakups.

No trying to find the perfect gift for every season.

Yes there are some downsides to being single, but we're not about that today or ever. We're about solutions right? You need to change your mindset about being single and recognize the opportunities it brings. While you would love to be having some of the above relationship issues, you need to accept where you are now and maximize it.

Seize Opportunities

Being single allows you to prepare to receive someone in your life. It also gives you the time and space you need to assess yourself and reevaluate your own needs and what you have to offer in a relationship.

People generally place a burden on being single, when in fact there are heavier burdens to bear when in a relationship. Relationships come with added responsibilities that you might not be prepared to tackle. Being in love sounds all rosy, but we all know those blooms come with thorns.

Take the time to plan and prepare when single, so you can bring your best self forward and attract the right mate.

Do Not Rush the Process

When you leave a relationship don't just hop into a new one. Take some time to assess what went wrong on both sides so you don't repeat the cycle. If you find yourself falling in and out of relationships for similar reasons, you have created a pattern that likely will occur again if you do not change something. You have to take the time to identify that 'something' so you can get rid of it.

Not all problems need a complex fix. Sometimes one minor change can set you on the right path. This is why taking some time to enjoy being single allows you to plan ahead and increase your chances of success.

Do Not Panic

If you have been single for some time now and it scares you, don't panic. There is more than enough time for you to land the man of your dreams.

Don't be hard on yourself. No matter your age there is always someone out there, and the right one will find you if you allow them. Allowing them to find you means that you must work on yourself to be the type of mate that can and will attract the type of man you want.

Now where to start?

Check out these 5 simple things you can do starting right now to ready yourself to attract the one that is right for you.

Happy hunting.

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