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How to Date When You're Too Busy

Hey busy lady, you too are worthy of love. There are ways to work around your busy schedule to increase your chances of finding the one that is right for you. Here are some methods to help you make time for dating.


The fact that you're always busy means you will have to deliberately carve out time for dating. This means penciling dates into your busy schedule. It is recommended that you allow for at least one day each week to focus on dating. Clearly given your busy schedule you might not honor that one day per week but having it in place means it is likely to happen. If you schedule one date per week you might land at least two dates within the month.

Scheduling helps you to decide how much time you will allot for a date each week. It is important to note that scheduling dates can only happen if you are already dating someone. Although it might be helpful to set aside time in case someone does ask you out, don't hold your breath on that. Being a busy person, you do not have the luxury of planning dates for men you have not met. Ensure there's communication with the people you date to arrive at suitable dates and time but ensure you prioritize your own time because you are the prize and the one who needs to be available.

Having put a schedule in place it is now time to set reminders. Unlike hitting the snooze button in the mornings, the reminders can be set for a day, up to an hour in advance. This will allow you to check on your current situation and decide if you will be able to follow through on the date. If you find that you will not be available to go on a date, an early reminder will allow you to inform your prospective date about the need for a change. The whole matter of scheduling however is to ensure that you prioritize dating as an activity. This means that when the time comes around for the date you need to drop what you're doing and honor the time scheduled.

Scheduling your dates also provide you with the kind of consistency you need to ensure that you have an active dating life. Be sure your date is aware of the confirmed dates and times of your availability each week.

Speed Dating

As a busy woman you must find a way to maximize your time when dating. This is where speed dating comes in. This is not the typical 10-minute speed dating session where you move from table to table in a large room filled with people. This is about scheduling more than one date for each date night. This is advised when you're dating someone new, where you can make time to engage more than one new prospect. If you have been dating someone for quite some time, you might already be transitioning into an established relationship. In this regard avoid double dating on these days. Give that special someone all of your time on those dates without having to think about running out to your next date.

It is advised that you allow at least 3 hours for each date when speed dating. If you are enjoying the date however, go ahead and rain check the second one. Be polite and send a message of the change. If you are able to pull off a two speed dates (in one night) each week for a month, you would have gone on 8 dates. This does not mean it has to be a different man for each date. You could date the same person more than once in a month as this will help you to know more about the person. This increases your chance of bonding and determining whether someone is a good fit for you, so create balance in how you give of your time. Speed dating is a great way to sift through a number of men and help you prioritize the ones that deserve more of your time in the future.

Date More Than One

You must get the message by now that you should be dating more than one person. Your busy lifestyle means you can’t waste your precious time dating one man at a time for months. Dating more than one person increases your chances of finding the one that is right for you, as you will be exposed to more men. When dating, try not to date the same type of man in 'different bodies'. What I mean is, don’t stick to a specific personality type or physical type. Explore different types of people. Don’t bet on yourself to know exactly what you want. Someone can come from left field and sweep you off your feet. Being diverse in your dating pool will also create a more exciting dating experience, as you will learn new things from different types of people. You may also learn new things.

When dating more than one person, it is important to let your dates know they are not the only one. This helps to keep them on their toes in a friendly competition to see who will be the lucky guy in securing you. Some men might not like that you are dating other people, so be prepared for some to walk away. If that’s the case, let them. Do not restrict yourself to please the one you have not chosen. When you have decided to be in a committed relationship, you can stop dating. Till then, date all you want.

Be Selective

Being a busy woman means time is always of the essence so you must be selective in how you distribute your time with the men you are dating. You need to place these men in priority order. Yes it sounds bad, but this is exactly what you need to do to ensure you are not wasting your time. Give your prime time dating hours to the men you really want to hang out with and leave the rest with the scraps of time you have left. Look at it this way. Men do the same thing to women all the time. If he is interested, you will see and hear more from him and if he is less interested you will get less of his time. In fact, it can quickly get to a point of you getting none of his time, so don't be shy about preserving your time and energy as well.

Scraps of time means you keep some of the men on a leash with telephone conversations and text messaging only. They don't really get to hang out with you in person until they move up the chain on your top priority list.

Being selective will help you reduce the amount of time it will take to make a decision about who to be with. This way you are creating efficiency in your dating experience. By doing this, you can spend longer hours with the ones you actually want to hang out with. The more selective you are with your time, the richer your experience will become. Remember though to cast your net wide in the early stages of dating, to give yourself more options.

The more you narrow down the list of men you are dating, the more you will find that you are able to make time to date. This is simply because you will want to. You will find yourself making the time to date someone you really care about. The list will get shorter and shorter until you find the one that is right for you.

Be Sociable

Being the busy woman that you are, you have to capitalize on opportunities that present themselves. This means being open to communication and dialog when you're out in public carrying out your regular activities. If you have caught the attention of someone when out, allow yourself to be open to communication. Do not be closed off because you might be dating a number of men yes, but this person could actually be the one. You never know where a casual conversation could lead things. Give yourself the opportunity find that out. Only do this if you are not already developing a serious relationship with someone.

Being the single woman you are I'm assuming you will always be looking your best when out in public even when dressed casually. Always present a pleasant countenance and the right attitude that will attract men. Like moths to a flame, you will find yourself being approached more often in public. This is a perfect scenario because you're too busy to schedule and plan the time, so being approached by someone while you're busy carrying out another activity is a great way to meet men you can date later on.


The main take away is, we can all say we have busy lifestyles however time is what you make of it. When you deliberately take steps to maximize your time it creates more opportunities for you to find someone that is right for you. If all your time is taken up in doing everything else outside of dating, you will miss out on meeting that special someone. Begin the practice of carving out blocks of time in your busy schedule for dating. If you do land a relationship you will have to make sure there’s enough time for you to be part of it, so make the time now.

Happy hunting.

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