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Hi beautiful people, I'm Anna Hope the owner of Fassy Girl Blog. I have a passion for helping others and I see no better way than to help my sisters level up and win at love and life. I've always been told I give great advice and my delivery style is welcoming and practical. Many have said I should go into teaching so instead of being in a classroom, I have decided to put my skills and knowledge to good use by providing coaching to women like myself who have gone through hell and back trying to navigate dating, love and relationships. My blog is filled with practical tips to help get you on the path to true love and happiness.

I started this community as a way of bringing women together to help each other in the daily struggles of dating, love relationships and lifestyle issues. It is my hope that you will find a safe haven here to express yourself and see that we are all pretty much living the same lives. So take a deep breath loosen up and dive into a group of dynamic women who tell it as it is on all fronts.

FYI we don't like boring. ENJOY 🤗

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